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MacEwan University- Currently we are the only approved field placement destination for MacEwan University Early Learning students in Fort Saskatchewan. We believe this is an essential partnership in providing unique opportunities for our students and supporting the growth of our local post-secondary students.


Lisa Makin Owner/Operator

Courtney Kochan Owner/Operator

About A Fairytale Beginning Preschool
AFB opened in 2011 in a small back room of the old Fort Mall. We took over Happy Day Preschool in 2012, which operated at a local school. We operated there for 4 years until the mall was set to get torn down and the school ran out of room! We made due in a temporary space for a year and a half before our new inspiring classrooms were finished. We are extremely proud of our space and our programs. In 2020, right before the pandemic closed the economy, we were awarded the contract to operate preschool programs also in the 2 local catholic elementary schools. We opened 2 new classrooms in Our Lady of the Angels School and St. John XXIII School. We look forward to continuing to offer excellence in preschool programming to our community.


Our Philosophy

Building a strong foundation for your child’s social, academic, and  creative development.

Our History

Opened in 2011, by Lisa & Lee Makin in the Fort Mall. Amalgamated with Happy Day Preschool in 2013 and moved into new facility in the newly renovated Fort Station in 2016.​

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