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Keeping Our Students & Families Safe

Reductions to reduce spread:

- Classes Size Reduction

         4 Year classes reduced from 24 to 12-15

         3 Year classes reduced from 20 to 12-15

         2 Year class reduced from 12 to 8

- All classes reduced to 1 teacher

- Parent Volunteers only used in classes with more then12 students and are required to wear mask

- Lobby helpers are sometimes required for before and after class and are required to wear mask

-Each class that operates on a Mon/Wed, Tues/Thurs, Friday operates as one cohort respectively.
-Toys and furnishings are sanitized between each cohort. Toys are also segregated and cohorts do not share toys/table tops until they have been sanitized
-We no longer offer any classes that are a mix of different regularly scheduled classes
-Drop in classes will not  be offered at this time
Cleaning Practices
-cleaning is done in between classes and cohorts
-there is a daily, weekly, and weekend cleaning schedules
-cleaning is done with a combination of disinfecting products, bleach solutions, and a fogging disinfectant machine
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